Our Training Philosophy

Each Breed Has Its Own Speed, Style and Niches

No two dogs are trained exactly alike. Temperament, attitude and submissiveness all determine how we approach the final goal of a top rated gun dog—even within the same breed.


Pointers begin their training, understanding the "whoa" command. We teach the pups to tighten their abdominal muscles upon hearing the command. By doing such, it prevents the hind quarters from being able to move. This prevents forward progress such as creeping and breaking point. We like to have our pointers hold point through the complete flushing and shooting sequence.

Flushing Dogs

Flushing Dogs are trained to sit on the flush and remain there till released by the handler. This is not only the proper etiquette, but for the pups' safety as well.

Forced Fetch Program

Our "Forced Fetch Program" is conducted at our facility. Upon completion, your pup will present the bird from a heeled / sitting position. All mouthing problems such as, chewing, destroying, rolling the birds, etc., will be resolved. The owners are also taught these drills, for every dog needs an annual tune-up prior to hunting season.

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