Dave's Gun Dog Training Programs

Training Programs for Dogs and Handlers

Dave's Gun Dog Training Programs No training is complete until the owner is taught the timing and commands of a confident handler.

Call 607-748-9682 to sign up and reserve available dates.

Upland Training Program
  • Heel without restraint
  • Whistle trained ("come" and "turn")
  • "Whoa" command
  • Pattern training
  • Holding point throughout the shooting sequence
  • "Hup" / Sits on Flush (Flushing Dogs)
  • Track running birds
  • Honor
  • E-collar training (optional)
  • Training the owner is mandatory
Trained Retriever Program
  • Eliminating hard mouth problems
  • Speedy delivery to hand
  • Present bird from a sit/heel position
  • Hold bird without dropping it
  • Waterwork, using live ducks
  • E-collar trained (optional)
  • Training the owner is mandatory
Advance Waterfowl Retriever Training

Beyond the basic retrieve training, we will re-inforce the whistle commands, and train how to take lines, and multiple retrieves. This will include extensive water work on live birds.

Pre-Hunt Test Training

Preparation for a hunt test is essential. Now both the owner/handler and dog, with a certified judge, can run a field course with the actual settings and get critiqued prior to entering a hunt test. We have several Master level dogs to use as your running brace mate. We will set up the exact scenarios and actual hunt test. Call to schedule an appointment.

We Train and Handle for the following tests:

  • AKC–Retriever Hunt Test and Pointing Dogs Hunt Test
  • NAHRA–Started, Hunter, Intermediate, and Senior Hunt Test
  • NAVHDA–Natural Ability, Utility Preparatory, and Utility Test

Dave's Gun Dog Training ProgramsYour overnight stay could be roughed in a cabin on the water edge (see image) and enjoy fishing for dinner in a well stocked pond of largemouth bass. We describe it as roughing it for you’ll be sleeping on an air mattress and using an outdoor privy. The upside is you can enjoy a bon fire in the evening and have your dogs stay with you as company if you wish.

Camping on the waters edge is welcome, but there are no hook ups. There are also a bed and breakfast and motels only a short distance away. A commercial camp ground is only a short distance from the kennel grounds if you wish also.

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